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LesBlocs Builders Society

Solana based NFT project building a community driven blockchain infrastructure provider

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What are LesBlocs?

Every LesBlocs is an original unique NFT artwork stored on the Solana blockchain that will grant you an exclusive access to LesBlocs Builders Society. Being a member will give you lots of benefits coming from the LesBlocs's ecosystem, including monthly rewards from the Rewards wallet, exclusive access to LesBlocs services and a say in the future development of the LesBlocs Center.

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Community driven eco-friendly blockchain infrastructure provider


LesBlocs Center

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the best ways to contribute to different blockchain networks. Being based in Quebec, Canada, we have access to a cheap green electricity source: hydroelectricity. We want to leverage that and build a highly profitable eco-friendly blockchain infrastructure provider focused on mining cryptocurrencies and operating nodes: the LesBlocs Center. The Builders will get to shape the future of the LesBlocs Center by submitting BAPs and by voting for whatever infrastructure they want implemented.

Release multiple NFT collections

The LesBlocs NFT collection will contain many NFT drops that will all be airdropped to holders of the genesis NFTs. As of now, there are plans for at least three drops for the genesis collection’s holders. Holding NFTs from the different drops will give the builders perks within the LesBlocs ecosystem.

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Crypto mining hosting service

We want to setup a crypto mining hosting service exclusive for the members of the society. We will take care of everything for you, from purchasing the miner to setting it up at the LesBlocs Center. We also plan to develop a NFT project collab program, where we will offer our hosting services to projects to help them fund their DAOs.

LesBlocs Builders building wealth

The project’s goal is to create and redistribute as much value as possible to LesBlocs Builders. We are currently exploring several mechanisms to achieve this, whether it is with NFT staking, the creation of our own utility token, airdrops, physical rewards or even a combination of all these options. Our main concern regarding this matter is to be legally compliant, so we plan on seeking legal advice and ask our community before choosing the best way to bring value to the holders. With that being said, the Rewards wallet’s (see FAQ for mor details) only purpose will be to do just that.

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The art

Every LesBlocs is a unique piece of art stored on the Solana blockchain
Reveal coming soon...




Home: App Features
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Home: App Features

1 : Pre-Mint

  • Art reveal

  • Litepaper publication

  • 1/2 P-BAP (preapprouved BAP) reveal

    • ???​

  • 2/2 P-BAP reveal

    • ???​

2 : Mint

  • Mint date : TBA

  • 7777 total supply

  • Mint price : 1.5 SOL

  • Giveaway 1 Bitcoin miner every 10% minted

  • 50% minted : P-BAP 1/2 completion

  • 75% minted : P-BAP 2/2 completion

3 : Post-Mint

  • Monthly rewards from the Rewards wallet

  • First community BAPs

  • Build LesBlocs Center

  • Grow the team (full-time dev, community manager / marketing, etc)

  • Crypto Mining hosting sevice (exclusive to holders)

    • NFT Projects collab program​

4 : Futur...

  • More monthly rewards to holders

  • More BAPs​

  • Provide educational content

  • Merch store

  • And much more...


What is a BAP?

A BAP is a Builders Acquisition Proposal. Members of the LesBlocs Builders Society will be able to submit BAPs, the community will then vote and decide whether or not it is implemented. Example: Builder Bob submits BAP#420 that suggests to buy 10 BTC miners, community votes “Yes”, we buy 10 BTC miners and set them up at the LesBlocs Center.

How will the miners giveaway work?

For every 10% of the mint (1-700; 701-1400; etc), there will be one special NFT that will be redeemable for a Bitmain Antminer S19j pro (subject to changes depending on availability). The winners will have the following options: 1) Have the miner shipped to them directly, 2) use our crypto mining hosting service at no additional cost or 3) receive the equivalent amount in SOL. The lucky NFTs will have a special trait, more on that coming soon…

What is the LesBlocs NFT Collab Program?

We believe that collaboration between the different projects of this ecosystem is essential. It's for this reason that we have decided to set up the LesBlocs NFT Collab Program. Normally, the hosting service that we will offer at LesBlocs Center will be reserved for members of the Builders Society, however, it will be possible for other NFT projects to benefit from it by applying for the program. The objective of this initiative is to help fund DAOs and project initiatives that help grow the Solana ecosystem while encouraging collaboration.

What will the total supply be?

The total supply of the genesis collection will be 7777. A total of 7700 NFTs will be available to mint during public sale, while the remaining 77 will be set aside for marketing, collaborations, future team members, etc.

Wen mint?

The mint date is still TBD. However, right now we are aiming to mint sometime in the first half of dec 21.

What will the mint cost?

The mint price is currently 1,5 SOL (subject to changes depending on the SOL/USD ratio around the time of the mint).

How will the operations revenues be distributed?

Initially, 90% of all operations revenues will be equally split between the Infrastructure wallet and the Rewards wallet (45% each). The remaining 10% will be going to the team wallet. However, Builders will be able to vote on funds distribution eventually.

What will the Team wallet be used for?

The team wallet will be used to hire new team members (devs, community manager, etc), do marketing and help cover the costs associated with managing the facilities. Also, the team will use their initial share of the mint proceeds to build the LesBlocs Center (where all the infrastructure will be hosted).

Wen merch?

Merch is not a top priority; however we will make sure that the community is able to represent the project with max style.

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